Where Does It Hurt Chart

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Sciatica and Low Back Pain  Neck and Shoulder Pain  Upper Back Pain

Release pain and tension in different areas of your body. Select the area of your discomfort to view a video of how the Acuball can help you.
AchillesAchillesArmsArmsButtocksButtocksCalfCalfCraniumCraniumDiaphragmDiaphragmDiaphragm releaseDiaphragm releaseFaceFaceFeetFeetForeheadForeheadFront of hipFront of hipFront of neckFront of neckHamstringsHamstringsHandsHandsHandsInner thighInner thighKneeKneeLower backLower backLower legLower legNeckNeckPectoralsPectoralsPubic bonePubic boneQuadQuadRibsRibsShinShinShoulderShoulderShoulder bladeShoulder bladeSternumSternumSub Acute Colitis Relief (Stomach)Sub Acute Colitis Relief (Stomach)Tensor facia lataeTensor facia lataeThird EyeThird EyeUpper backUpper back