Hot and Cold Therapy is popular choice for treating pain and injuries by athletes, massage therapists and healthcare professionals. You can choose from a wide variety of Hot and Cold therapy supplies in our shop. Self-administer to pain relief or choose from a wide range of rehabilitation tools for your therapy clinic.

Hot therapy or heat therapy is effective on back pain, lower back pain and any kind of muscle stiffness and soreness. It uses heat to treat tight muscles, and muscle spasms or cramping. While Cold Therapy provides relief from injuries. It treats injuries and provides relief from swelling and inflammation. RMTs can use hot and cold therapy products to treat clients with muscle soreness and stiffness. Both these therapies are used widely and/or simultaneously.

Know Your Body Best has an extensive selection of  heat therapy and cold therapy products. We sell high-quality and professionally-designed Heating Pads. Massage therapists choose our Thermophore and Theratherm heating pads for their amazing benefits. You can also choose from various sizes of cold packs – single and pack-size BioFreeze and CryoDerm topical analgesics – two leading brands in the Canadian market.

We have products like Chattanooga Hydrocollator M4 Mobile Heating Unit, Versa Bath Hydrocollator, and Professional Hot Stone Heater. They are perfect for professional clinic set-up.

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Showing 1–12 of 52 results

How Heat Therapy Works

Hot therapy works to increase the elasticity and core temperature of soft tissue. Applying heat to a particular area stimulates circulation and blood flow. It loosens joints, easing pain, and healing damaged tissue.

Hot therapy is also called heat therapy or thermotherapy. It uses hot water bottle, electric heating pad, paraffin baths, ultrasound, whirlpool baths, hydrocollator packs, cordless FIR heat therapy wraps, and others to create higher tissue temperatures.

How Cold Therapy Works

Cold therapy or Cryotherapy uses cold packs and ice baths to lower the temperature and treat a variety of tissue lesions. Both these therapies are used widely and/or simultaneously.

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