• Tolerates Health Canada Approved Disinfectants!
  • Medical Grade Vinyl
  • Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Stain, & Anti-Mildew Finish
  • Tough Resilient Performance, Waterproof
  • High-Quality Fabric
  • Durable Industrial Thread
  • Concealed Zipper via Flap
  • Sleek Look, Soft Feel
  • Easy to Clean & Wipe Down

Why Choose BodyBest Vinyl Pillow Protectors?

The BodyBest Vinyl Pillow Protectors are a clinic essential, especially while harsh disinfectants are being so commonly used. Protect your pillows and your clients from stains and bacteria! These vinyl covers are durable and stain-resistant, they can stand up to heavy use. However, style is not forgotten, the vinyl used for the BodyBest Vinyl Pillow Protectors has a soft texture with a pleasurable feel. Great for use in clinics, spa services, healthcare facilities, hospitality industries, and more.

Care for a seamless finish and smart design? The flap covering the zipper creates the ultimate sleek look for your pillow protector. What does the flap covered zipper mean? It means that your pillows will stay extra protected from bacteria and sanitization.
The coating of these vinyl pillow protectors has a special finish that contains anti-stain, anti-bacterial, and anti-mildew properties which help in a tough performance! The BodyBest Vinyl Pillow Protectors have been put through some extreme testing by suppliers, and the verdict is – they’re resilient!

Do your vinyl covers have any wrinkles or creases due to the shipping process? There is no need to worry because, despite temporary unsightly appearances, creases in the vinyl will naturally come out in no time.

Product Attributes:
  • Fabric can be disinfected using hospital-grade disinfectants, even those approved by Health Canada for killing COVID-19
  • Covers currently only come in the shade “Vanilla”
  • A flap on the back of the pillow that conceals a zipper
  • Sewn with an industrial thread providing ultimate durability
  • Eco-friendly, formaldehyde, heavy metal, and lead-free.
  • This is a pillow cover, the pillow is not included
  • Size: 19 x 27”
  • Weight: 0.76 kg (per 1 Vinyl Pillow Cover)
Care Guide:

Step 1: Use the mildest solution/concentration you are able to use. Follow the proper cleaning and safety instructions of the chosen disinfectant.
Step 2: After the allotted disinfectant contact wait time – Wipe the vinyl down with a mild soap and water solution.
Step 3: Dry the area with a separate dry cloth to maintain the longevity of the fabric.

If you are not going to be using a harsh disinfectant, simply wipe the vinyl down with mild soapy water, then wipe away any excess residue.
Always make sure your vinyl is fully dry before storage.

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Shipping Information

Weight 0.76 kg
Dimensions N/A

Standard 19 x 27", King 20 x 36"


Pewter, Tan, Vanilla, Black


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