• Get a Deep Sleep, Anywhere Anytime!
  • Blocks Out Light
  • Sleep Uninterrupted
  • Fun Animal Assorted Designs
  • Soft Elastic Strap, Breathable Material
  • Lightweight, Comfortable in Any Position!

Why Choose Sleeping Eye Mask Assorted?

Sleeping Eye Masks are perfect for those in need of deep, uninterrupted sleep, whether it be at home or on-the-go! Use them in bed, on flights, during long car rides, while camping, any place you can think of – hotels, planes, trains, or in the comfort of your own bed.

Whether its sunlight, street lights, or any other type of blue light, block it all out with these playful eye masks! Great if you don’t have black-out drapes – if a partner or roommate wakes up before you – if a light is turned on in the night – if electronic lights keep you up – no light will be able to wake you!

The darker the room the more melatonin we produce – this is a key factor in getting deep, restorative sleep. The adjustable strap and silky texture of these sleeping eye masks allow you to blink freely and lay in any position while still being comfortable.

A ‘sleep mask’ does not have to be used for just sleeping. Eye masks can be used for general relaxation, blocking out light during migraines, keeping dry air out, and moisture in!

Product Attributes of Sleeping Eye Masks

Lightweight, Breathable
Soft Elastic Adjustable Strap
Available Designs: Lizard, Owl, Cheetah, Cat

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Shipping Information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 1 cm
Pack Size

One Cat Eyes, One Lizard Eyes, One Tiger Eyes, One Owl Eyes


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