• 5″ Crescent moon-shaped Jade stone
  • Ideal for working the scapular region
  • Prevents chronic illness
  • Decreases high blood pressure

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Why Choose Jade Crescent Moon Massage Stone?

Jade Crescent Moon Massage Stone is ideal for working in the scapular region. Stone Massage incorporates heated and cooled Jade Stones that are placed on the body and/or used for massage. These stones have been cut to various shapes and sizes and then polished providing a very smooth and silky feeling on the skin. Traditionally, Jade has been used to attract love and bring money into your life. Jade is a protective stone guarding against accidents and misfortune. Jade is believed to heal stressed organs and discharge toxins. It slows the process of cell aging and strengthens the body’s natural defenses and healing power. The soothing green color of Jade helps the body to self-heal.

Benefits of Jade Stone Massage
  • Releases toxins and increases overall health
  • Prevents chronic illness
  • Decreases high blood pressure
  • Regulates female functions
  • Strengthens kidneys and male organs
  • Improves the quality of blood

Softens blood vessels and smooths out wrinkles.

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