• Online course on Himalayan Salt Stone full body massage
  • Teaches the benefits of soft tissue massage while using salt stones
  • The material consists of audio, video, and text
  • A valuable resource for massage therapists
  • Includes practical portion that can be done at your own pace

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Why Choose Himalayan Salt Stone Massage / Online Course?

Do you want to learn and offer more to your clients? Learn Himalayan Salt Stone Massage – an online course that teaches you to use hot and cold stone therapy to achieve a higher level of health for your clients. This massage protocol combines Swedish Massage with deep tissue techniques. It is designed to address soft tissue stiffness so your clients can relax. In addition to providing a relaxing session, this massage protocol helps in improving physical health. The salient features of this course:

  • Combines Swedish Massage with deep tissue technique
  • Designed to address soft tissue issues as well as relax your client depending on their needs
  • Warm stones relax the soft tissue while decreasing soft tissue pain and stiffness
  • Cold stones decrease circulation and decrease acute pain due to injury
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Note:

Course Requirement: To complete this course you will need access to a salt stone set


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