50 pairs (100 pcs) Soft Foam Sponge Toe Separators

  • Use as finger or toe separators
  • Can be washed easily and dried
  • Cushioned separators with ample space.
  • Premium foam, ultra soft and comfortable
  • Suitable for professional or home usage.

Why Choose Disposable Toe Separators?

Make pedicure tasks easier with these soft easy to use Disposable Toe Separators. Lightweight and travel-friendly, the toe separators are comfortable to wear.  They allow effortless filing, and keep good distance between toes when painting to avoid smudges and transferring.

Disposable Toe Separators can be washed easily and dry for the next use or easily disposed of between clients. If you are in a Salon, use once to establish hygienic practices
Protect fresh nail polish as it dries with these cushioned separators that create ample spacing between toes or fingers.

  • Easy to perform nail art with fingers or toes conveniently separately.
  • Premium foam material delivers ultra soft and comfortable experience when in use.
  • Small size and easy to carry. It is suitable for professional or home usage.
  • 10 x 3 x .5cm each toe separator
  • Cushioned separators with ample space.

Use Disposable Toe Separators for hands and or for toes.

50 pairs (100 pieces) of  Soft Foam Sponge Toe Separators and or Finger Dividers for Nail Art,  as a Manicure and or Pedicure Tool

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