• Assist with Vitrectomy retinal eye surgery recovery
  • Makes everything right side up and print readable
  • Have eye contact with others in the room
  • Allows Vitrectomy patients to experience life right-side-up
  • Size: 20 x 10 cm (8″ x 4″)

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Why Choose Face Down Positioning Reflective Mirror?

Face Down Positioning Reflective Mirror is particularly useful for vitrectomy recovery for a macular hole or detached retina.

The Make It Rite Mirror is primarily for people who are told they need to have vitrectomy eye surgery too and will be required to maintain face down positioning for 24/7 to optimize the recovery of their eyesight. While maintaining necessary, strict, the doctor prescribed face-down positioning with the mirror, the patient can have eye contact with others and can see what’s happening in the room around them whether lying down (in the bedroom or living room, family room, etc.) sitting, standing or walking. We highly recommend using a face-down positioning chair as well.

The Mirror allows the patient can watch the same television as the rest of the family, go for walks in the house and outside (with necessary caution), read email, work on the computer, etc. With the mirror, they can see what’s in the cupboards all without lifting their head, feel like they are still meaningfully participating in daily life.

The Face Down Positioning Reflective Mirror allows Vitrectomy patients to experience life right-side-up and print readable orientation (not backward or upside down) while keeping their essential face prone positioning. The Make It Rite Mirror allows for tremendous mobility while you maintain your strict face-down positioning following your vitrectomy retinal macular hole eye surgery.

The Make It Rite Mirror allows for a great deal of mobility, including enjoying 2-way conversations with friends, and the outdoors. Another option for better mobility after a vitrectomy surgery is the Face Down Positioning Prism Glasses.

How to use
  • Look in bottom mirror
  • Point top mirror at who or what you want to see

20 x 10 cm (8″ x 4″)

Have any questions about your vitrectomy surgery and the recovery? Check out our Vitrectomy Frequently Asked Questions page.

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