Better posture. Better life. it’s that simple. The purpose of The 10 Minute Cushiontm is to stretch and correct your posture, preparing your spine and surrounding muscles for functional activity.

Follow the video and learn How to Use the Ten Minute Cushion

There is no magic, the process happens naturally by using gravity to stretch your back over our specifically designed foam arch, allowing for proper communication between the brain, spinal cord and the extremities. This enhanced position allows for greater sustainable neuromuscular activation to gain immediate & effective optimal performance.

Posture has a profound influence on our overall health – in fact, it affects every physiological function, from breathing to the nervous system. The 10 Minute Cushiontm is a simple device that was born of this knowledge. Using the natural pull of gravity, it improves posture, mobility and flexibility, allowing for proper communication between the brain, spinal cord and the extremities – and promises the countless benefits that accompany a healthy spine.

Selecting  The 10 Minute Cushion

Now available in 4 types

  • Charcoal, a  firm density, recommended for athletes and active adults.
  • Teal, medium to firm density for active adults.
  • Olive, slightly softer density, recommended for seniors,  or people with poor posture and little flexibility.
  • Red, recommended for children, people of smaller stature, people with back pain or those new to the product.
    This product is also slightly shorter in length to fit a smaller back.

*all cushions now have a removable, washable cover.

10 minute cushion red youth
Level One, Ten-Minute Cushion for Beginners, Small frames, and Children
10 Minute Cushion Soft Density
Level Two, Ten-Minute Cushion for Seniors, beginners, and those with severe back pain
10 Minute Cushion Medium Density
Level Three, Ten-Minute Cushion for Adults, users of the cushion and persons continuing to stretch.
10 Minute Cushion Firm Charcoal
Level Four, Ten-Minute Cushion for Active adults, firmer cushion provides pronounced stretch