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MEDISTIK Dual Professional Spray 118ml


  • Rapidly controls acute and chronic pain
  • Immediate heat to relieve pain
  • Long lasting heat to soothe and relax
  • Helps with the rebuilding of joint cartilage
  • Non-staining, paraben-free
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MEDISTIK Dual Professional Spray

MEDISTIK Dual Professional Spray is fast and effective relief of acute and chronic muscle and joint pain and inflammation. Great for sharing. Non-staining. Paraben-free. This can be one of the most frustrating aspects of clinical practice. In today’s competitive market patients seek out and remain with clinicians who provide them with early, efficient and cost- effective means of dealing with their pain.

Achieving a favourable therapeutic outcome for pain relief, early on, can be of enormous benefit to patients, provide high level of patient satisfaction, and help maintain a thriving and growing practice. MEDISTIK™ is a unique and highly effective topical analgesic specifically formulated for the rapid relief of pain associated with stiff and sore muscles, strains and sprains, backache, and various joint, muscle and degenerative conditions.

MEDISTIK’s™ active ingredients -the highest concentrations of Methyl-Salicylate (30%) and Menthol (15%) allowed without prescription- provide an immediate cooling effect to relieve pain, a long lasting heat to soothe and relax, and deeply penetrate the affected area to reduce inflammation over time. MEDISTIK™ Spray also contains MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Ilex and Boswellia. These ingredients help with the rebuilding of joint cartilage, reducing inflammation, stimulating nervous and muscular systems and reduce overall pain. Rehabilitation specialists use MEDISTIK™ clinically because it rapidly controls acute and chronic pain and quickly moves patients into early and active involvement in their treatment regimes. It is favoured by clinicians because it avoids the many side effects associated with other forms of analgesics, and because they can immediately use it with or sell it to their patients without additional referrals and prescriptions. MEDISTIK™ is also widely accepted by sports therapists in the treatment and training of high-performance professional and amateur athletes.


Hot & Cold. Fast Acting. Chronic & Acute Pain

Active Ingredients

12% Methyl Salicylate, 10% Menthol

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MEDISTIK Dual Professional Spray 118ml
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