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  • Enjoy the comfort and moist warmth of Thermophore.
  • Great for home use too.
  • Small (Cervical) 10cm x 43
  • Medium 35cm x 35cm
  • Large 35cm x 69cm

Why Choose Thermophore Classic Original Heating Pad?

Thermophore Classic Original Heating Pad – Plug it in and let Thermophore produce moist heat automatically by drawing moisture from the air. The moist heat is retained in the heat pack’s outer flannel cover, providing deep temporary pain relief and muscle relaxation. Used widely by professionals to warm up clients’ muscles before the massage. Your clients will enjoy the comfort and warmth of Thermophore. Great for home use too. Just press for heat, release to cool and alternate as often as you like. If you happen to doze off and your hand relaxes, the unit will cool as a safety feature.


The Thermophore’s switch must be depressed in order to remain active.

Thermophore Classic Heating Pad is available in
  • Small (Cervical) 10cm x 43 cm
  • Medium 35cm x 35cm
  • Large 35cm x 69cm

Tested by ETL and are approved to the same equivalence to CSA standards.

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Pack Size

One, Three, Six


Small 4 x 17 inches, Large 14 x 27 inches


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Designed for the neck, sinus or TMJ area. It applys moist heat therapy to specific joints – such as the elbow, knee or ankle. Comes with a long Velcro fastener which allows adjustment for a snug fit on any small area.


  • Size: 4 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Cord Length: 10 feet
  • Maximum Temperature: 165°F
  • Electrical Specifications: 110 Volts; 44 Watts – 60 HZ A.C.
  • Recommended Application Time: 15 – 20 minutes at a time

Designed for smaller areas such as a shoulder, knee or part of the abdomen. Also great for back or hip of some of our smaller, more petite users, and many customers prefer this size to take along when they travel.


  • Size: 14 inches x 14 inches
  • Watts: 75
  • Maximum temperatures: 80°C or 176° F if switch is on continuously
  • Surface temperatures: About 165°F

Nearly twice the size of most standard heating pads. Providing an area of heat therapy large enough to cover the entire spinal area, the length of a hip and leg or all across both shoulders, to effectively relieve pain and relax all the associated muscles – not just one small, isolated point.


  • Size: 14 by 27 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Cord Length: 10 feet
  • Maximum Temperature: 165°F
  • Electrical Specifications: 110 Volts; 150 Watts – 60 HZ A.C.
  • Recommended Application Time: 15 – 20 minutes at a time
Thermophore Two Years Warranty

During the first two years after purchase, we will replace this product free of charge to the original owner if it has a manufacturing defect or, if in use as directed, it does not perform as stated. Please be sure to save your sales receipt showing the date of purchase. If no receipt is available, we will use the serial number stamped on each heating unit to establish date of manufacture and determine warranty eligibility.

If you believe your Thermophore unit has failed to work properly within this warranty period because of a manufacturing defect, please contact our office for assistance in confirming warranty eligibility.
To save yourself time and money, please contact us before sending us your unit. We may be able to resolve the problem over the telephone.

Phone: 1-800-253-0854 8am to 5pm EST
Email: [email protected]

In order to obtain warranty service, you may be asked to send the unit to us for evaluation. Be sure to include your name, address and daytime phone number, along with a brief description of nature of the problem. We may also request a copy of your purchase receipt.

*Please note that this warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages or costs connected with any such defect. While this warranty gives you specific legal rights, you may also have other rights which vary from province to province.

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