• Perfect Choice When Cold Therapy is Required
  • Self-Adhering Wrap Applies Subtle Compression
  • Portable, Instant Pain Relief
  • All-in-One, Direct to Skin Cold Compress
  • Gentle Touch Technology, No Towel Required
  • Emergency Treatment for Everyday Injuries
  • Relives Bruises, Swelling, Muscle Pain, Spasms, Headaches, Minor Injuries
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Why Choose Self Adhering Instant Cold Wrap?

Self Adhering Instant Cold Pack is designed to provide immediate cold therapy to help promote therapeutic healing. This cold compress has a built-in self adhering wrap that applies an appropriate amount of compression directly, and comfortably, to the injured area!

The patented Compression Wrap and Gentle Touch technology deliver direct-to-skin cold therapy to reduce swelling and discomfort after an injury.

An all in one cold and compression solution in a single-use, portable format. This single-use Self Adhering Instant Cold Pack will relieve sore and stiff joints, muscle aches, pains, tensions, and cramps.

Product Benefits
  • Complete instant cold therapy system.
  • Relieves bruises and swelling, headaches and minor injuries.
  • Soothes muscle spasms and pain.
  • The built-in compression wrap provides hands-free mobility!
Product Attributes
  • Size: 6 x 9” (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
  • Cold Pack Contents: Calcium Ammonium Nitrate and Water
  • FTP (Fold-to-Pop) technology for easy activation
  • Direct to Skin application with Gentle Touch Technology
  • Temperature: Delivers approximately 2ºC/36ºF of cold therapy when activated at room temperature
  • Do Not Reuse
How to Activate Self Adhering Instant Cold Pack
  • A: Fold top to bottom to “POP” inner fluid bag
  • B: Shake vigorously!
  • D: Apply to the area that needs relief.
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