• Electrotherapy Device That Meets Professional Demands!
  • Manage Several Sessions Independently and Simultaneously!
  • Pain Management, Vascular Disease, and Muscle Stimulation
  • Wireless – Eliminates Constraints for Therapist and Patient
  • Save Space and Time, Optimize Patient Treatment
  • Enhanced Easy of Use and Convenience
  • Create Customized Stimulation Programs
  • Save Patient History Preferences
  • Standard Programme Configuration: 4 Channels & Multi-Sessions!

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Why Choose Wireless Pro 4Ch Standard Tens Unit?

The Wireless Pro 4Ch Standard TENS Unit is a highly advanced electrotherapy device developed for Physiotherapists and Rehab Clinics. This electro stimulation device is wireless which provides ease-of-use and eliminates constraints for both the therapist and the patient.

This physiotherapy unit is indicated in the treatment of most musculoskeletal injuries and diseases as well as in post-operative treatment after joint surgeries and in the treatment of several pain indications (see below).

Discover the unique Multi-Sessions technology of the Wireless Pro 4Ch Standard TENS Unit! The four modules, two standard remotes, and a smart docking station allow you to synchronize modules and remotes to manage several sessions independently at the same time. You will no longer use a stimulator with four channels but separate stimulators that are managed independently.
The Wireless Multi-Sessions concept allows you to simplify the use of electrostimulation in your practice and to manage several sessions independently at the same time. It offers a new way of stimulation without constraints allowing you and your patient total freedom of movement facilitating patient manipulation and combined exercises.
*Additional remotes/modules are optional.

Benefits and Indications

Retarding or preventing disuse atrophy
Maintaining or increasing range of motion
Re-educating muscles
Relaxation of muscle spasms
Increasing local blood circulation
Symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain
Adjunctive treatment for post-surgical and post-trauma acute pain
Relief of pain associated with arthritis

Product Attributes

4 standard program categories: Rehabilitation I, Pain I, Vascular, and Conditioning I.
Standard programme configuration – 4 channels – Multi-sessions.

Wireless Technology

Removes constraints for you and your patient.
Gives your patient total freedom of movement facilitating patient manipulations and allowing you to combine active exercise with electro stimulation for a better result.

Multi-Sessions (Wireless 4CH STD/FULL Only)
The devices are delivered with 4 modules, 2 remotes and a smart docking station allowing the user to synchronize modules and remotes to manage independently several sessions at the same time. Additional remotes/modules are optional.

Muscle Intelligence Technology

4 functions Mi-Scan, Mi-Tens, Mi-Range and Mi-Action are available on each module (4 modules delivered).

+ TENS Option

Select one programme and add TENS on other channels. This allows treatment of two different body parts, or two patients, simultaneously or combines TENS and NMES when this kind of stimulation is required.


Manage the session time and move directly to the next phase (recovery) when needed.

Autonomy and Speed Recharge

Daily use autonomy and with the charger included in the kit, a full cycle of recharging will take a maximum of 1.5 hours.

Knowledge Inside

Electrode placements, programme parameters and programme explanation directly available in the remote control.


Create your patient and history list and create customized stimulation programmes.


The warranty is for 3 years from the date of purchase.

Box Contents
  • 2 Remote control
  • 4 Stimulation modules
  • 1 Smart 4 CH docking station
  • 1 AC adaptor, 1 USB cable
  • 2 Dura-Stick+ Snap 5 cm Square 4/Pk
  • 2 Dura-Stick+ Snap 5 x 10 cm Rect. 1 Snap 2/Pk
  • 2 Dura-Stick+ Snap 5 x 10 cm Rect. 2/Pk
  • 1 User manual and practical guide on CD/USB
  • 1 Quick start guide + warning leaflet
  • 1 Bottle of gel, 1 Motor point pen, 1 Carrying case
  • 2 Lanyard, 1 White protection sleeve, 1 Blue protection sleeve
  • 1 Set of colored module clips
  • Remote Control Dimensions: 10.5×6.5×2 cm (4×2.5×1”)
  • Module Dimensions: 5.5×1.6 cm (2.1×0.6”)
  • Docking Station Dimensions: 26.5x24x20 cm (10.5×9.5×8”)
  • Docking Station Weight: 2.4kg
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