• An Effective Tool for Arm Pain Relief
  • Use for golfers elbow, and tennis elbow
  • This device can be used use anytime, anywhere
  • Ideal home physiotherapy device

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Why Choose Armaid?

Armaid: An Effective Tool for Arm Pain Relief. If you suffer from severe arm pain due to tendinitis, arthritis, De Quervain’s syndrome, golfers elbow, tennis elbow, or another pain-causing condition, Armaid may be able to help. It is a very effective tool for helping to reduce arm pain that you can use yourself.

What Is Armaid?

Armaid is a simple leverage device that allows you to easily apply 3 techniques to your arms by yourself to help get the pain relief you need. It was developed by Terry Cross, a sport’s injury therapist who himself had severe tendonitis in his arms and elbows. After realizing he knew well enough how to apply techniques to other people, but didn’t know how to apply therapy to himself to help ease the pain in his arms, he invented Armaid.

Armaid’s Basic Parts

Armaid contains three basic parts: A big arm that holds a permanent stationary roller, a small adjustable arm that holds an interchangeable roller attachment, and a non-skid base. The big arm supports the painful arm comfortably during therapy. The small arm is used to apply the trigger point therapy as it holds the therapy roller, and it adjusts to different arm sizes. The non-skid base can be placed on a tabletop, on your leg, or on another flat surface to stabilize the tool. The Armaid also comes with a travel bag so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Why Tendonitis Is So Painful

Our forearms contain the muscles that make our finger movement and grip possible. However, when these muscles are overused, they tighten up causing them to shorten and pull on the tendons attached to them. This causes pain and irritation in the elbow and/or the wrist that extends into the hand. The only way to relieve this pain is by releasing the tightness and regaining muscle suppleness to remove the stress on the tendons.

How Armaid Works

To use Armaid effectively, lay the base securely on a table next to you or on your thigh. The foam roller helps support your arm comfortably, while the therapy rollers are doing their job. Armaid is fully adjustable so it can fit different arm sizes. Use your free hand to roll the therapy rollers over the sore area and locate the sore muscles and tender zones. Once found, place the center ball over the painful spot and apply and maintain the amount of pressure that suits you by easily squeezing the handles together.

Remember to start off slowly using Armaid 2 to 3 times daily for 2 to 3 minutes each time so your muscles can get used to the new movement range.

Enjoy the relief you will get from this device that you can use anytime, anywhere you like for fast pain relief from aching arms. For best results, it is imperative that you learn how to use Armaid properly and effectively.

Say Goodbye To Trigger Pain Points in Your Arm

Get your Armaid device and no longer will you suffer from trigger pain points in your arm. These devices are made of globally sourced materials in the USA. Order now and get a lifetime warranty,  and low flat-fee shipping for orders within Canada.

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