• Must have addition to your self care routine
  • 8 oz. SacredEarth Warming Massage Lotion
  • 8oz. SacredEarth Organic Foot Cream
  • Formulated with custom blend of organic essential oils and extracts

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Why Choose SacredEarth Self Care Bundle?

Add the SacredEarth Self Care Bundle to your wellness routine! Use the SacredEarth Warming Massage Lotion to soothe achy muscles. Formulated with organic cinnamon oil and organic menthol crystals to create a gentle warming sensation. Amazing addition to your massages or use as a spot treatment!

Use the SacredEarth Organic Foot Cream to relieve sore, cracked and achy feet and legs using a custom blend of organic essential oils and extracts. Formulated with organic peppermint essential oil which creates a cooling sensation perfect for spot treatments on feet and legs. In addition, organic lemongrass essential oil helps increase circulation, making it the perfect complement to a full body massage.

SacredEarth Self Care Bundle Includes:
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