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  • Top quality hypoallergenic massage lotion
  • More glide and easy workability
  • Requires less reapplication – if any at all
  • Clean absorption of a lotion
  • Paraben-free and cruelty-free

Why Choose Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion?

Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion is a top-quality hypoallergenic professional massage lotion. Massage therapists will enjoy optimal manipulation of the skin and muscle with more glide and easy workability. If you like the clean absorption of a lotion, but need more glide and workability for a deep and relaxing massage, here is the solution.

This unique specially developed lotion manages to maintain gentle drag and extended lasting performance and still penetrates the skin for a pleasant non-greasy finish. Save money, save time with this quality massage lotion.

Requires less reapplication – if any at all – than typical lotions so you can keep the smooth flow of your session.

Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion INGREDIENTS:

Water, Octyl Palmitate (coconut oil ester), Blend of Apricot Oil (Prunus armeniaca), Sesame Oil (Sesamum indicum), and Grapeseed Oil (Vitis vinifera), Canola Oil (Brassica napus), Emulsifying Wax NF (vegetable derived), Glycerin (Vegetable Derived), Grapeseed Extract (Vitis vinifera), Carbomer, Germal, Dimethicone, TEA, Iodoproynyl Butylcarbamate.

Paraben-Free and Cruelty-Free.

Available in
  • 8 oz
  • 1/2 Gallon
  • 1 Gallon
  • Case qty’s

Full gallon & half gallon pump sold separately.

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Material Safety Data Sheet
Download Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion MSDS

Shipping Information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 34 × 19 × 19 cm

8 oz., 1/2 Gallon, 1 Gallon, Case/4 Gallons

4 reviews for Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion

  1. melomeg17

    This is definitely my favourite lotion. It has the perfect amount of glide, and it is not overly greasy. It also lasts, you do not need to apply to much to each area thanks to the oil base it lasts longer (doesn’t absorb as quickly).

    I also love that it is hypoallergenic – it is great for all skin types.

  2. marniepurcellrmt (verified owner)

    I love this lotion. Have used Biotone deep tissue for 20 years and then the advanced therapy lotion for the past 5 years because of its hyoallergenic properties. It is great for the deep tissue work that I provide. Many of my clients love how it leaves their skin. The chiropractor that I work with loves the fact that people aren’t too greasy or oily for providing adjustments after their massage.

  3. angela.manzon (verified owner)

    Love this lotion. I use it for deep tissue and it works really well.

    • Joy Patterson

      Morning Angela, thank you for your feedback on this product.

  4. Jenna Witty (verified owner)

    I do not recommend this product for RMT’s. It is SO thick. It is almost impossible to transfer into smaller lotion bottles. I even tried using a funnel and it does not drain. It ends up being a huge mess. In addition it dries up so quickly during use that you end up using twice as much.

    • Joy Patterson

      Sorry to hear about your problem transferring the lotion to a smaller bottle – for lotions and gels there is a gallon pump that is needed to transfer the product to a smaller bottle. The pump is $5.95 each.

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