Therapeutic Massage Ball

  • Relax sore and strained muscles
  • Target trigger points
  • Improve blood flow
  • Help in injury prevention
  • Available in four sizes

Why Choose Spiky Massage Balls?

Spiky Massage Balls let you massage small and large muscles with different levels of intensity. Unique spike provides massage to promote the recovery of tight and tired muscles. They are perfect for the fast & convenient body massage. Massage balls are firm sensory balls for massage and sensory therapy. They are used for stimulating muscle reflexes or as a therapeutic massage ball to ease away tension and release muscles throughout the body.

For best results, build pressure and then roll the Massage Ball from side to side or in circles to release knots and kinks. Great as a quick pre-workout warm up or anytime you need relief. The Massage Ball is small enough to take with you and use anywhere. Keep one at home, another at work and another in your gym bag.

Recommended areas

Foot, calf, thighs, glutes, psoas, torso, neck and arms

Shipping Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Orange 6 Cm, Yellow 7 Cm, Red 8 Cm, Blue 9 Cm, Assorted


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