• Natural Pain and Stress Relief
  • Combines the Ancient Art of Acupressure with Infrared Technology
  • Patented Design & Technology for Concentrated Infrared Spectrum
  • Reduction of Pain, Muscular Tensions & Stress
  • Safe & Easy to Use, No Batteries, No Electricity
  • Mimics Healing Properties of the Sun Without Harmful Rays
  • Effective on Pain in Neck, Back, Knee, and Elbow
  • Minimizes Headaches and Stress

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Why Choose Shinkoda Infrared Acupressure System?

The Shinkoda Infrared Acupressure System combines the ancient art of Acupressure with 21st Century Infrared Technology! This system teaches you the master pressure points in your body that you can use to address some of life’s most common conditions.

By putting pressure on certain points of the body you can immediately feel a reduction in pain, tensions, stress, and an enhanced feeling of well-being!

Target pressure points in areas around your neck, back, knees, and elbows. This tool will also allow you to use acupressure to address stress and even headaches.

Far Infrared technology is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in medical science. Tourmaline Minerals emit a wavelength of energy similar to that of the healing rays of the Sun.

How Does the Infrared Work?

There are 3 grams of tourmaline oxide powder in the tip of each Acupointer. The tourmaline is a natural emmiter of Infrared wavelengths of energy. Once the tip gets warmed with your body heat the infrared energy radiates from the tip into your body giving it a soothing feeling.

Product Attributes
  • One patented Shinkoda Acupointer with Infrared Tourmaline tip.
  • One set of Shinkoda Guide to Better Health treatment cards.
  • One Shinkoda Guide to Better Health Acupressure DVD.

Discover more about the Shinkoda Infrared Acupressure System in these videos.

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