• Perfect for Deep Tissue Massage and Pain Relief!
  • Great on the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Anywhere on the Body!
  • Effective Reflexology Needle and Trigger Point Therapy Tool
  • Natural Stone Massage Tool
  • Ideal for Myofascial Release, Muscle and Joint Relaxation
  • Provides Deep Pressure with Minimal Effort
  • Excellent Grip, Smooth Stone

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Why Choose Natural Stone Massage Cone?

Natural Stone Massage Cone is a great tool for massage therapy, especially deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, reflexology, and myofascial release!

Use the longer pressure knob of the massage tool to press deep into tissue without the added strain on your hands. The special design of this tool allows for deeper pressure transfer with minimal effort. This massage cone is made of natural stone which provides an excellent comfortable grip, while still being soft while gliding along the skin.

Natural Stone Massage Cone is a great trigger point therapy tool that is also suitable for deep tissue massage and can provide ‘knotted’ pain relief. This massage tool is not only easy to use but easy to store and transport too! Use it to release stress after work, provide muscles and joint relaxation, and stimulate blood circulation.

Use this multi-purpose massage tool all over the body, it’s great for feet, hands, neck, back, shoulders, and legs!

Product Attributes
  • 10×8.5×1.2cm (4×3.3×0.5″)
  • Material: Black Bianstone Stone
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