• Boost Blood Circulation
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Stimulate Circulation
  • Encourage Lymphatic Drainage
  • Aids in Product Nutrient Absorption
  • Soothes, De-Puffs
  • Relieves Aches & Stiffness

Why Choose Gua Sha Quartz Scrapers?

Gua Sha Quartz Scrapers are facial massage tools that relieve tension in the muscles of the face and aid in lymphatic circulation. The practice of gua sha has a base concept of promoting the balance and flow of energy throughout the body. Using the Quartz Gua Sha in treatment is a great addition for clients, or for self-care practices.

A gua sha facial treatment relaxes muscles, revitalizes, gets blood moving, decreases puffiness, and boosts circulation while leaving the skin with a healthy-looking glow. This tool sculpts the face and helps skincare products absorb into the client’s skin. By stimulating acupressure points, tension is released in the face which can be beneficial for symptoms such as tight jaws, or headaches.

Skin Types: Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination


  • Always use a light oil or slippery lotion to slide the gua sha across the skin.
  • On the face, gua sha is best done after cleansing, using a facial oil or moisturizer.
  • Hold the gua sha flat to the skin at a 15-30 degree angle.
  • Slide the gua sha using short strokes going in one direction. Move up and out, not back and forth.
  • Experiencing redness after performing gua is normal, and temporary.
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