Dr B’s Trigger Pointer


  • Best trigger point therapy
  • The most effective method of treating most muscle-related pain
  • Great for restricted muscle motion due to myofascial dysfunction
  • Pain relief that lasts; easy to use
  • Highly recommended by physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists


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Dr. B’s Trigger Pointer

Dr. B’s Trigger Pointer is one of the best trigger point products for back pain relief, and restricted muscle motion due to myofascial dysfunction, on the market today. Dr. B’s Back ReLever is trigger point therapy product that treats lower back pain, upper back pain, whiplash.

With minimal effort each day, myofacial trigger point therapy, can with this self massage tool be a part of your every day recovery and fitness program.

Features and benefits

Ideal Tool for Trigger Point, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release

Pain relief that lasts – Performing this therapy on a regular basis to the affected muscle, in combination with stretching and strengthening, is widely believed to be the most effective method of treating most muscle-related pain.

Easy to use – For neck and shoulder pain, for lower back pain and buttocks, pain in upper back, for calf muscle pain relief, for upper back muscle pain, for hamstring muscle pain

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