• Latex-free disposable pillowcases
  • High-quality and moisture resistant
  • Smooth comfortable finish
  • Aids in infection control
  • 21”x30”
  • Colour available: white
  • Available in a pack of 10, pack of 50, and a case of 100
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Why Choose Disposable Pillowcase 21×30?

Looking for a permanent solution for the excessive laundry load you have to do at the end of your business day? Look no further! Our disposable pillowcase 21×30″ is a perfect solution for your needs! These soft and breathable pillowcases are not only soft, but also eliminate the slightest chance of spread of infection. Additional features which will totally sell this product to you:

  • Alliance 2-ply tissue/poly disposable pillowcase is made of soft white tissue with poly backing that provides comfort as well as prevents moisture from leaking through the pillowcase
  • Guard pillows against any spills or leaks
  • 100% oil-resistant and hygienic
  • Made to ensure superb strength, won’t tear while someone is using it
  • Thin, lightweight, and easy to store and carry
  • Ideal for therapy and medical clinics, and mobile therapist

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Pack/10, Pack/50, Case/100


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