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KYBB Percale Fitted Sheet 36x78x5″ Tan


  • 60/40 cotton/polyester blend
  • 220 thread count, Percale
  • Plush, quality finish.
  • Easily fits up to a 33″ wide table
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KYBB Percale Fitted Sheet 36x78x4″ Tan

KYBB Percale Fitted Sheet 36x78x4″ Tan are a 60/40 cotton/polyester blend. These Massage Table Sheets are manufactured to a 220 thread count with a plush, quality finish. These fitted percale sheets are easily fit up to a 33″ wide table. Sheets are extremely light and wash well.

See the article about “How to Care For Your Massage Table Linens”

  • 60/40 cotton/polyester blend
  • 220 thread count, Percale
  • Plush, quality finish.
  • Easily fits up to a 33″ wide table
  • Use detergent without added bleach.
  • Do not pour detergent directly onto linens, rather, add to water or to detergent fill.
  • Use Myo-ther N-Zyme to help decrease smells and stains.
  • Use “Eco-Max Natural Orange Concentrated Laundry Wash” to degrease & deodorize your massage table sheets.
  • Note: Over time due to usage, wear and tear, linens/seams/stitching etc. will naturally break down; however the life of your linens can be extended by following these few simple tips.

Also available in White

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How to care for massage table linens

To properly care for your massage table linens it is important to understand a little about the fabrics themselves. We hope the following information will help you make your investment in massage table linens last as long as possible. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

What Exactly Are Percale Massage Table Sheets?

Percale sheets are not really a type of sheet in the regular understood sense. The term “percale” actually refers to a type of weaving method. Percale is a very old method of weaving that produces both resilient, strong and long-wearing sheets. The thread weaving method uses a single over and under process. In contrast with sateen, another material that uses this method of weaving and often gets mistaken for a percale. Sateen is woven in a way that four threads go over one thread. Sateen weaving will produce a fabric that is smooth and luxurious to the touch, but not necessarily as durable. Percale’s one over and one under weaving process produces a crisscrossing latticework of threads that results in a strong tight pattern. This very tight pattern is the source of percale sheet’s historical crispness and durability.

Percale sheets are woven to be tighter, longer-lasting and of a higher quality than many other copycat sheets.

Thread Count

180/200/400/800/1000  What’s the difference? Which is better?  Thread count has been the source of much confusion when shopping for sheets these days.

The weaving method used and the type and quality of material (cotton/polyester or both) have as much importance on the quality, feel and durability of your sheets as does the thread count. All percale sheets will have a minimum of 180 thread count. Higher thread counts may increase the quality and original feel of your massage table linens, however; there is a point of diminishing returns. Most of us would be unable to tell the difference between a 600 thread count sheet and a 1000 thread count sheet. Higher thread counts may make your sheets feel softer, but not stronger. In fact, the opposite is often true.

Know Your Body Best Percale Massage Table Sheets are all 180 to 200 thread count.

Cotton or Polyester?

Percale sheets are usually sold as a blend. These blends are designed to afford the advantages of both the cotton and polyester fibers into one fabric. A fabric made from a poly-cotton blend combines the strengths of the two fibers. Poly-cotton garments are breathable, moisture absorbent, tear-resistant, and wrinkle resistant.

Know Your Body Best Percale sheets are either 50/50 Cotton Polyester Blend or 60/40 Cotton Polyester Blend depending on the size. 

Are percale massage table sheets good for you? We think so. The massage therapist who buys percale sheets is happy with the long-wearing strength, light feel and the perceived feeling of quality. Most notably, their crispness. Especially great in the summer months when a cooler client experience is often required.

Pre-Treat Stains

Pre-treat stains with Myo-Ther N-Zyme or use Eco-Max Natural Orange Concentrated Laundry Wash to degrease or deodorized your massage table sheets/linens.

These soaps are designed to break up oil and grease and work great on massage table sheets. For the best chance of getting oil out of your linens you must pre-treat within 24 hours.

No Bleach

When washing your sheets, avoid using bleach as it will damage the cotton fibres and over time you will notice holes. If you need to brighten your white sheets, add 1/2 cup of vinegar or 1/4 cup of lemon juice to your wash. Wash your linens in warm water with a cold water rinse.

After all oil stains are out you may dry your sheets as normal. We recommend using a low heat setting and throwing in a few tennis or wool balls to reduce the drying time. Remove linens as soon as the dryer stops to avoid wrinkles.

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