• Chloroxylenol liquid soap 0.52%
  • Effective germ reduction in 30 seconds
  • Popular soap for use in hospitals and high-volume clinics
  • Lotion-based formula for extra softness
  • Available in 5 variants: 18 oz bottle, pack of 6 of 18oz bottles, pack of 12 of 18oz bottles, 1 gallon, case of 4 of 1 gallon bottles
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Why Choose Vionex Hand Soap?

Formulated for healthcare professionals, Vionex Soap is gentle and non-irritating. This liquid soap is preferred by healthcare professionals for its antibacterial properties. Kills germs in 30 seconds, Vionex soap is gentle on skin, moisturizing and non-toxic. This soap is:

  • Recommended to use between routine patient contact, procedures, after exposure to potential pathogens and after removal of personal protective equipment
  • Broad-spectrum, germ-killing and effective skin cleansing
  • Contains conditioners, emollients and softeners
  • Frequent use reduces the risk of the transmission of bacteria and viruses
Directions For Use

Wet skin area to be washed and apply a sufficient amount. Scrub well and rinse thoroughly with water after washing.

Looking for an automatic hand wash- check Vionexus No Rinse Hand Wash Spray

We have found Vionex hand soap works well with BM-1200 Antibacterial Barrier Cream

After washing your hands simply apply a small amount of the barrier cream to protect and moisturize your hands.

Shipping Information

Pack Size

18oz, Pack/6, 18oz, Pack/12, 18oz, 1Gal, Case/4 Gallons


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