• Specifically made to absorb atmospheric moisture from the air.
  • The moisture comes from cover when it is heated.
  • Facilitates extra moisture
  • Cotton/fleece blend

Why Choose Thermophore Replacement Stupe Cover?

The Moisture-Plus Cover fits over the Thermophore heat pad and is designed the way that moisture can be added in the form of a damp cloth. The heating unit is protected by a rubberized cover and the damp cloth is placed in a separate sleeve. The Moisture-Plus Cover will enable your Thermophore Pack to operate at its peak efficiency, independent of atmospheric moisture conditions. New, non-shrinkable flannel cover, made of cotton/fleece.

  • Sleeve for damp cloth
  • Machine-washable
  • Non-shrinkable
  • Cotton/fleece blend
  • Facilitates extra moisture

Small 4″ x 17″
Medium 14″ x 14″
Large 14″ x 27″

Shipping Information


Small 4" x 17", Medium 14" x 14", Large 14" x 27"


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