• Absorbs Atmospheric Moisture from the Air!
  • Drive Moist Heat into Painful Tissues
  • Maximize Comfort and Therapeutic Benefits
  • Stimulate Circulation, Relieve Pain and Inflammation, Relax Muscle Spasms.
  • Clients Love the Feeling on Their Skin!
  • Moisture Comes From the Cover When Heated
  • Facilitates Additional Moisture
  • 100% Cotton Fleece
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Why Choose Thermophore Replacement Stupe Cover (Moisture Plus)?

Thermophore Replacement Stupe Cover, MoisturePlus, fits over the Thermophore heat pad and is designed to absorb atmospheric moisture. Moisture multiplies the benefit of heat therapy up to twenty times, allowing the heat to penetrate much deeper!

Generally, atmospheric moisture is released when the heat is activated. During times when the air is very dry, however, you may need additional moisture.

The MoisturePlus cover allows you to add moisture without wetting the Thermophore fabric! That is why the replacement stupe cover comes with a washcloth. Simple dampen the washcloth and lay it flat inside the top pocket of the cover, over the white nylon layer. The nylon is there to protect your Thermophore heating unit from becoming wet.

The heating unit is protected by a rubberized cover and the damp cloth is placed in a separate sleeve. The Moisture-Plus Cover will enable your Thermophore Pack to operate at its peak efficiency, independent of atmospheric moisture conditions.

Drive moist heat deep into painful tissues with the Thermophore Replacement Stupe Cover. Provides natural healing by stimulating circulation. Relieve pain and inflammation, and relax muscle spasms.

Product Information
  • Sleeve for damp cloth
  • Machine-washable
  • Non-shrinkable
  • Cotton/fleece blend
  • Facilitates extra moisture
  • To clean your MoisturePlus cover, wash in cold water, and hang to dry. This will prolong the life of the cover.
  • Do not wash your Thermophore heat pack!
  • Always carefully read and follow the safety instructions that are sewn onto the cover itself.
  • Each MoisturePlus cover comes with “How to Use” instructions.
  • Check the skin under the pad frequently.
  • Do not use on a sleeping person, on an infant, or on a person with poor blood circulation.
Available Sizes
  • Small (Cervical) – 4×17″ (10x43cm)
  • Medium – 14×14″ (35x35cm)
  • Large – 14×27″ (35x69cm)
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Small Cover 4 x 17", Medium Cover 14 x 14", Large Cover 14 x 27"


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