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  • Three temperature settings ensure comfort on even the coldest nights
  • The switch will automatically turn off the Bed Warmer after eight hours
  • Extra-long 10.5-foot cord
  • Off-season storage bag included

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Why Choose Thermophore Bed Warmer?

Thermophore MaxComfort Bed Warmer by Battle Creek® buys you a good night’s sleep today.

The “Battle Creek BedWarmer™” was developed in the 1930’s as a way to keep warm when most homes were barely insulated and poorly heated. This large 18×36″ (46x92cm) heating pad became popular again in the 1970s when high energy prices abound. They were found to be a great way to improve sleep. Now these bed warmers are increasing in popularity again as the importance of sleep for good physical and mental health is recognized.

The new and revised Thermophore Bed Warmer fits the needs of today’s busy consumer. At 18×36” (46x92cm) the size is perfect as a massage table warmer or personally across the bottom of a bed to keep feet warm during the winter!

  • Three temperature settings ensure comfort on even the coldest nights.
  • Switch will automatically turn off after eight hours
  • Extra-long 10.5-foot cord enables the bed warmer to be at the foot of the bed, the switch near the hands and the plug to reach the wall outlet.
  • Off-season storage bag included

Create the ultimate sleep experience by following these 10 proven tips for a better sleep.

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