• Helps Maintain Sitting Posture for Extended Periods of Time!
  • Ergonomic Shapes and Heights
  • Supportive Buckwheat Filling
  • Artistically Hand-Painted Features
  • Choose from Three Shapes
  • Carrying Handle on Each Pillow

Why Choose Zafu Meditation Cushion?

Zafu meditation and yoga cushions are a must-have for any time you may be sitting on the floor. Each zafu cushion enhances the pelvis, facilitates better tilting, and helps maintain the natural curvature of the spine without tension.

Use these cushions in 2 different meditation postures, flat in a semi-lotus posture, and on the size in a kneeling posture. Try these zafu meditation cushions in different positions, such as under the buttocks during candlelight, under the throat while in fish pose, or under the knees while in savasana.

Enjoy your meditation by providing your body with balanced support. Our featured cushions are hand made in Quebec by loving artisans.

Zafu Meditation Cushion Features
  • Washable linen cover included
  • Hand-painted pattern
  • Elegant finishing cord
  • Carrying handle

This classic model is a great basic zafu for your meditation. The round shape provides the perfect support for your spine. The buckwheat filling provides a  stable and supportive base. Use flat or on the edge.

Zafu Meditation Cushions Round Tourquoise

A very popular inclined model for meditation. The V-shape allows for the insertion of your heel, supports the beginning of the thighs, and offers a great comfort to you during periods of sitting in meditation. Use flat or on the edge. It is also the perfect zafu for various restorative yoga postures.

Zafu Meditation Cushion V shaped Storm

This inclined model is appreciated by those who are flexible and who like thin and light cushions. Its crescent shape improves comfort as its spikes support the beginning of the thighs. Ideal cushion during travel, retreat, savasana, and more.

Zafu Meditiaton Cushion Crescent natural

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Shipping Information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions N/A

Crescent, V Shape


Storm, Natural, Turquoise


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