• Upper & Lower Body Exercise
  • Core Exercise, Pilates
  • Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy
  • Easy to Use, Versatile
  • Portable, Convenient
  • Three Levels of Lightweight Resistance
  • Professional Latex Elastic Tubing

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Why Choose Thera-Band Resistance Tubing Bands Kit (Light)?

Thera-Band Resistance Tubing Bands are so versatile! They are portable and provide many uses. Use them in the clinic, at the gym, at home, or on-the-go. Using the Thera Band Resistance Tubing can build strength, improve conditioning, increase flexibility, and range of motion. They can be used while exercising, or in rehabilitation. The product remains effective, and yet simple to use. The colour-coded progressive resistance system allows users to visually recognize improvement by moving up to the next colour. This makes it easy to measure progress for fitness or therapy goals. This natural rubber latex tubing can be incorporated with a number of attachments for additional uses.

Product Attributes
  • Each tube is 5ft / 1.5 m in length
  • Yellow, 100% = 3.0 lbs , 200% = 4.3lbs
  • Red, 100% = 3.7 lbs , 200% = 4.3%
  • Green, 100% = 4.6 lbs , 200% = 5.5 lbs
  • Training guide is included
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