• Provide therapeutic support for improved lymphatic flow
  • Prevent injury
  • Promote restoration of functional joint stability
  • Latex-free and water resistant
  • Does not leave residue on user’s’ skin when removed
  • Available in Pre-cut, Small, Medium and Large

Why Choose Spidertech Fan Tape?

Pre-cut Spidertech Lymphatic Tape:

  • Engineered to provide therapeutic support for improved lymphatic flow
  • Specializes in alleviating conditions such as muscle strains, acute injuries and supporting postoperative recovery
  • Can decrease minor pain, improve athletic performance, assist with healing and reduce swelling
  • Its pre-cut shape allows for a quick application for users

Taping is a common way for athletes to prevent injury and help maintain an athlete’s ability to perform. When an athlete tapes a key area it increasing stability while decreasing the risk of injury. Kinesiology tape supports shaky joints or muscles that may be overly tired. Taping offers support for athletes that is crucial to proper form and endurance. Taping offers dynamic therapeutic support for the muscles designed to promote the restoration of functional joint stability through neurosensory mechanisms.


One of the lead manufacturers of therapeutic tape. Their tape is drug-free, latex-free and water resistant. Its adhesive does not leave residue on user’s’ skin when removed. It can be applied wherever your muscles need support, including during sports and training activities. SpiderTech is the only company that has pre-cut, ready to use therapeutic tape for your convenience. All SpiderTech applications can be used up to 5 days.

Spidertech lymphatic tape


Small Black Lymphatic tape

Available in

Beige, Black, Blue, Pink

Gentle (for sensitive skin) – Spidertech lymphatic tape uses a gel-like, breathable adhesive that minimizes skin irritation without losing its grip.

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Small, Small 20 pk, Medium, Medium 10 pk, Large, Large 10 pk


Blue, Pink, Beige, Black, Gentle


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