• Functional Yoga Book
  • Diagrams and a step-by-step guide for better understanding
  • Also covers anatomy and motion medicine
  • Index with Sanskrit and English names of the asanas
  • Journal-sized, easy to carry

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Why Choose Yoga Book?

Yoga book offers a simplistic and holistic approach to learning yoga. This journal-sized book is easy-to-carry – you can take it anywhere to read.

The language used in the book is simple. The index with asanas’ names in Sanskrit and English at the back is another handy feature.

Three reasons this book will take your experience to another level:

  • The Yoga Book comes with pictures, diagrams and step-by-step guide for better understanding.
  • The details like posture alignment, movement expression, motion medicine, sequencing, and acrobatics make sure you learn and practice yoga the correct way
  • Quiz at the end of each chapter to measure your progress

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