• Highly flexible vertebral model
  • Ideal for desks in offices or classrooms
  • A great educational and study tool
  • Includes a stand and key card with 54 identified structures
  • 47 cm or 18-1/2 inches tall

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Why Choose Flexible Vertebral Column Desk Size Skeleton?

Our Vertebral Column desk size Skeleton is a highly flexible anatomical model that is ideal for desks and counters. This desk size Vertebral Column is a detailed, lifelike spine that features a pelvis, nerve branches, vertebral artery, movable femur heads, occipital bone, and a herniated lumbar disc. It includes a stand and key card with 54 identified structures. This anatomical column is best used as a fun and attention-grabbing educational display in classrooms and offices.

Furthermore, the fairly basic details of the anatomical structures featured on this spinal column make it a great educational and study tool for patients or younger students. We do not recommend this model for advanced study.


47 cm (18-1/2) inches tall


2.7 kg  (6 lb)

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 47 × 20 × 20 cm


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