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  • Refresh your memory by solving these puzzles
  • Fun and challenging at once
  • These puzzles involve making differentiation’s between similar words or phrases
  • Divided into three main sections: Massage Therapy, Anatomy, and Physiology
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Why Choose Massage Therapy Crossword Puzzle?

Massage Therapy Crossword Puzzle is for Study or Review. Crossword solving involves developing skills such as vocabulary, reasoning, and spelling. To solve any crossword puzzle, a person must be able to identify and understand the terms being used. These puzzles also involve making differentiation’s between similar words or phrases. Other important skills required for completing these puzzles include evaluating choices and drawing conclusions.

  • Solving a Crossword puzzle also has the advantage of appealing to different learning styles
  • Visual learners often have strong puzzle-solving skills and feel satisfied with the image of the completed puzzle
  • Logical reasoning, recognizing patterns and connections in the puzzles
  • Kinesthetics learners enjoy actually carrying out the physical activity of completing the puzzle
  • Verbal learners make an effort to find the meaning of the words within the puzzles
  • Solitary learners preferring to work alone, focusing on their thoughts on the current topic of the puzzle
  • Crossword puzzles can be completed in a brief period of time and solving them provides a sense of accomplishment.
  • For all of these reasons, crosswords make a terrific study and review tool

With any new academic endeavor, one is challenged by a different set of terminologies and concepts. In particular, the field of Anatomy and Physiology confronts the student with a seemingly endless list of technical jargon that can sometimes feel overwhelming and frustrating.

In my case, although I have always been drawn to the tactile senses and health, life had its own ideas and I found myself in the field of accounting. This black and white (or red and black) world was extremely stressful and restrictive, leaving little room for self-expression or connection. As it happened, some of my advanced accounting classes took place in a room next to a massage class. Why were those students coming into the hallway all blessed-out while I was tense and headachy? Gradually I chose a more conscious life direction, closer to my own interests and proceeded to collect the knowledge and skills I would need to become a massage therapist. And hence found myself deeply immersed in the study of Anatomy and Physiology.

In my forties, however, hovering round the “change” and all its attendant glories, (can’t sleep, zilch concentration, etc.), it was not easy to teach this old dog the necessary new tricks. But my love of massage fueled my determination and I learned to redirect my studies to my own style. I looked for new ways of putting difficult ideas together, snuck my unruly brain in the side door and the synapses started to spark!

So here I now sit, writing to you from my hammock in the tropics, delighted with my little creation. It is my dearest wish that this book of puzzles will inspire all students of the healing arts (from pups to older dogs) to enjoy their studies and personal growth. From initial learning to aiding memory to maintenance and review – have fun, get smart and kick back!

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