• Effective communication, Documentation and Insurance Billing
  • Understand how to effectively communicate
  • Guidance on taking client histories, setting functional goals
  • Documenting treatment outcomes
  • 380 pages

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Why Choose Hands Heal Forth Edition?

Hands Heal will provide you to learn effective communication, documentation and insurance billing to become a vital member of the healthcare team!

As a part of the health care team, massage therapists need to understand how to effectively communicate, be it with a client, other health care providers, insurance professionals, and members of the legal field, and understand the measurement tools and documentation forms they will encounter as they practice.

Hands Heal is the only text that provides crucial guidance on taking client histories, setting functional goals, and documenting treatment outcomes.

In this new, updated fourth edition, author Diana Thompson relies on her vast experience as a massage practitioner, research consultant and educator to create a comprehensive resource on communication, insurance billing and case report writing for massage therapy students and practitioners.

For practicing massage therapists, these sample forms will be of immediate value in putting concepts into practice.

ISBN: 978-1-60913-387-0



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