• A colourful and interesting poster of the human head and neck
  • Ideal for learning or explaining the anatomy of the human head and neck
  • All important anatomical structures are clearly labelled
  • Provides sufficient detail for medical students
  • 51 x 66 cm (20 x 26″)
  • Horizontal and median sections are featured

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Why Choose Head and Neck Laminated Poster?

Our Head and Neck laminated poster shows a beautifully detailed illustration of the muscles, veins, nerves and arteries of the head and neck. All important anatomical structures are clearly labelled, providing sufficient detail for medical students.

Smaller illustrations show the following details:

  • bones and deep muscles front view
  • bones and deep muscles back view
  • close up of the atlantoaxial joint
  • deep muscles and sensory nerves in the skull
  • internal carotid and vertebral arteries
  • deep structures of the neck
  • horizontal cross section view
  • median section view

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