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  • Full-colour printing
  • Easy-to-use colour-coding system
  • User-friendly format
  • Laminated for durability
  • 82 x 59 cm (32 x 23″)

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Why Choose Kent Trigger Point Muscle Movement Chart?

Kent Trigger Point Muscle Movement Chart helps you quickly assess and treat patients’ pain without the need for memorization. David Kent’s Trigger Point charts are the best on the market, with full-colour printing and a patented easy-to-use colour coding system. These clear and beautiful charts let you quickly find the areas to treat for a particular ailment, and educate your clients on the source of their pain. They help you justify a prescribed treatment series and make writing SOAP notes easy and painless. Your patients deserve the best, so you need the most professional tools. David’s Trigger Point charts make even a novice look and act like a pro.

Column Features and Benefits
  • Muscles are arranged in columns superficial to deep for easy reference as you treat to deeper layers
  • Columns grouped by compartment and/or muscle action, making assessment quick and easy
  • Each column on the wall chart equals one page on the flip chart
  • Lamination provides good function and longevity
  • Each page is laminated and protects the chart from lotion and oils on your hands
  • Lamination allows you to educate patients using wet erase markers to circle specific muscles involved
Trigger Point Colour Coding System

Kent Trigger Point Muscle Movement Chart is colour-coded to correspond to other Kent Health System materials. It also allows you to easily educate patients and create a customized treatment plan.

The Muscle Movement chart works with Trigger Point charts to pinpoint pain referral patterns caused by movement or range of motion. Great for those hard to assess cases where the patient doesn’t even know where it hurts. Muscle Movement chart is included in the Trigger Point Wall Set and Flip Chart.

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