• The Kent Postural Analysis Grid Chart is the number one solution to assess, document and educate patients of objective findings while designing a goal oriented plan.
  • A perfect cost effective educational tool

Why Choose Kent Postural Analysis Grid Chart?

The Kent Postural Analysis Grid Chart is the number one solution to assess, document and educate patients of objective findings while designing a goal oriented plan. A picture is worth a thousand words and a perfect cost effective educational tool. No software is needed, simply take photos of your clients standing in front of the Postural Analysis Grid Chart using a smart phone, tablet or digital camera.

Available in two laminated chart sizes
  • Wall 85 x 213cm (33.5 x 84in)
  • Door60 x 200cm (23.5 x 78.5in)

Don’t forget the Plumb Bob Set! Plumb Bob set is sold separately.

Posture Photos
  • Are detailed and accurate.
  • Provide objective assessment.
  • Identify asymmetry and imbalances
  • Document Range Of Motion (ROM)
  • Attract new and keep existing patients
  • Establish a baseline during the initial visit
  • Clarify goals and help customize the plan
  • Allow for patient and client specific education
  • Cost effective promotional and screening tools
  • Document change before, during and after a series
  • No software to purchase, install, learn, teach or update
  • Are easy to take and cost effective educational tools.
Printed on each chart
  • Instructions • Checklists • Reference Tables • Dominant Eye Test •
  • Color Images • Skeletal Illustrations • Postural Images •
  • Anterior View • Lateral View • Posterior View
Suitable for
  • Athletic Trainers • Chiropractors • Clinics •Colleges • Dentists • Dietitians • Egoscue Practitioners • Fitness Centers • Feldenkrais Practitioners • Gymnasiums • Hospitals • Medical Doctors • Massage Therapists • Myofascial Release (MFR) Practitioners • Myoskeletal Therapists • Military Hospitals • Nutritionists • Occupational Therapists • Osteopaths • Physical Therapists • Physiotherapists • Personal Trainers • Pilate Studios and Instructors • Professional Athletic Teams • Recreational Centers • Rehabilitation Facilities • Rolfing Practitioners • Schools • Spas • Strength and Training Coaches • Training Centers • Universities • Weight Lose Centers • Yoga Centers and Instructors • Acupuncture Physicians • Alexander Technique Practitioners • C.H.E.K Practitioners • Holistic Health Practitioners • Lifestyle Coaches

The word “posture” is derived from the Latin verb “ponere,” meaning “to put or place.” The word “analysis” comes from the Greek word “analyein,” meaning “to break up.”

Posture analysis is the process of “breaking up” the body to determine where it must be “put or placed” to properly function.A postural analysis chart is most effective when used in conjunction with a plumb line, which is a straight line that suspends a weight or “Bob” on its end. This system has been used since the time of the Egyptians to ensure that structures were being built perfectly upright. When the weight is made of lead (plumbum in Latin), it is referred to as a lead weight or Plumb Bob. A posture chart is essential to performing a fast assessment and developing a comprehensive goal oriented plan. Retain existing and attract new business with Postural Analysis Photos.

Plumb Bob Kit
  •  Includes everything needed to get started immediately. Ensures patients are accurately positioned and photos are taken from the correct angle.
    Each Kit includes: (1) Chrome Plated 5oz. Plumb Bob, (1) 16 foot, nylon, braided line that will not unravel and is not affected by extreme moisture or dryness.
  • The line is pre-attached to the Plumb Bob, will not mildew and stays taut.


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Accessory Kent Plum Bob Set Up Kit, Original 3' x 7', Space Saver 2' X 6'6"


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