Examination Of Musculoskeletal Injuries 4th Edition

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  • Foundational information on a wide spectrum of injuries
  • Appropriate tests for examining
  • Accurate injury history from the patient
  • Inspect the injury and related areas
  • Test motion control

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Examination Of Musculoskeletal Injuries 4th Edition

Examination Of Musculoskeletal Injuries 4th Edition contains foundational information on a wide spectrum of injuries and the appropriate tests for examining and diagnosing them. Readers will learn to obtain an accurate injury history from the patient, inspect the injury and related areas, test motion control, palpate both bone and soft tissues, and examine function in order to gauge the player’s readiness to return to play. The fourth edition also includes the following enhancements:

  • A new online video library contains 51 short video clips that correspond to and demonstrate evaluation techniques for various musculoskeletal disorders found throughout the text
  • Full-color photos and medical artwork have been added throughout the text to clarify testing techniques and enhance knowledge of relevant body structures
  • Substantial updates provide the most recent evidence-based clinical information
  • An expanded selection of special tests and injury-specific examinations are now presented in a more accessible format and include a photo or video, description of the purpose, patient and clinician positions for the test, procedures performed, and possible outcomes.

The content of Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries, Fourth Edition With Web Resource, has been restructured and focused to provide applicable information in a straightforward manner. Part I is aimed at entry-level students and presents general and introductory skills for each component of injury examination, including basic terminology and a breakdown of the examination procedure. Each component is then explored in depth along with general purposes and techniques. Part I ends by incorporating the various components into a systematic strategy for examination based on severity of injury and environment. Part II then applies the principles learned in the previous chapters to the recognition and examination of injuries organized by specific regions of the body. Each chapter includes strategies for examination immediately after an injury as well as examinations seen later in a clinical setting.

To assist student comprehension and knowledge retention, key terms are in boldface throughout the text and are defined in the glossary. Symbols throughout the text alert students to essential procedures and highlight important information. The web resource houses printable tables of special tests, examination checklists and forms that students can use in laboratory work and review sessions, and a robust video library. To aid instructors, the text includes a suite of ancillary materials featuring a test package, instructor guide, and presentation package plus image bank.

Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries, Fourth Edition With Web Resource, is an essential resource for students of athletic training and therapy as well as current practitioners in the field who wish to use evidence-based procedures in their clinical practice to ensure safe and accurate diagnoses of injuries.


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  • Peggy A. Houglum
  • David H. Perrin


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