• 4-in-1 dual mallet-type reflex hammer
  • Ergonomic HDP handle
  • Updated design

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Why Choose Tromner Reflex Hammer?

The Tromner Reflex Hammer is a versatile 4-in-1 dual mallet-type reflex hammer designed for eliciting myotatic and cutaneous responses in adult and pediatric patients. The ergonomic HDP handle lends the hammer a lighter weight while providing the user with greater control during percussion. This updated design is based on the classic reflex hammer invented by Ernst L.O. Trömner, MD, a director of the Neurological Hospital at St. Georg and professor at the University of Hamburg.

  • Head: The balance-weighted chrome-plated zinc-alloy head is outfitted with large and small mallets constructed of soft silicone for precise tendon percussion.
  • Handle: The ergonomic lightweight HDP handle is precisely balanced for increased control of percussion force for eliciting myotatic reflexes.
  • Brush: The built-in brush at the base of the handle can be easily removed to elicit cutaneous reflexes.

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