• Alleviates Pain and Cramping!
  • Improve Circulation, Help with Inflammation!
  • Easy to Use, Avoid Scalding
  • Made of Food Grade Silicone
  • Safe, More Hygienic than Traditional Cupping
  • Set of 4; Large, Medium, Small, Extra Small

Why Choose CryoDerm Silicone Cupping Set 4PC?

CryoDerm Silicone Cups Set of 4 is the latest improvement in traditional cupping therapy.

  • A 5000-year-old technique used to assist in returning and regulating disturbed body functions
  • Alleviates pain and cramping, improves circulation, and helps with inflammation
  • Made of high-transparent food-grade silicone
  • Safer and more hygienic than traditional cupping; no risk of scalding as a heating cup is not needed to create suction
Static or Dynamic Cupping

For Static Use:

First, apply a small amount of CryoDerm Cold Gel to the entire area. This will aid in bringing blood flow to the area helping to release muscle spasms and decrease pain. Then select the silicone cup or cups desired, squeeze the silicone cup and place it on the skin and release to create the desired suction.

Note: Do not use CryoDerm on the face or near the eyes or mouth.

For Dynamic Cupping:

First, apply the desired amount of CryoDerm Myofascial Ointment or Cream to the skin (to provide a glide without losing grip). This will act as a lubricant and will provide a good glide to resistance ratio. Then squeeze the cup, place it on the skin, and release to create the desired suction. Glide the cup around the affected area as needed.

Box Components
  • Set of 4 cups (Large, Medium, Small, Extra Small)
  • One carrying case
How to Clean Silicone Cups: Best Practices


  • Wash the cups with hot water and dish soap
  • Let the cups air-dry or use a new, clean cloth to wipe dry
  • Use a disinfectant with a DIN if you are a healthcare professional as these products are regulated and meet health inspection requirements.


  • Do not place the cups in the dishwasher or use alcohol-based products such as Lysol wipes – these may cause the cups to dry out and crack
  • Avoid using baby wipes, they don’t provide sufficient sanitation
  • Do not use a sponge; they can spread bacteria and contaminate the cups

Quick Tip

  • Having multiple sets of cups is helpful when you have back to bak clients; while one set air-dries you can use another!
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Shipping Information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 11 cm

2, 4pc Sets, 1, 4 pc. Set


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