• Non contact temperature gun
  • Performs scan in approx. 1 second
  • 1 button click operation
  • Large LCD screen
  • Easy to aim on the targeted body surface.
  • Automatic shutdown in 15 second

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Why Choose Canthermometer Infrared Thermometer?

Elevated body temperature and fever are the major warning signs of COVID-19. Therefore, monitoring body temperature of staff and patients is key to maintaining safety in your clinic or spa. It is recommended that all health professionals use Non-Contact Infrared Body Measurement Thermometer. Commonly known as a “thermometer gun” or “temperature gun”, the device is equipped with an infrared sensor that can quickly measure surface temperature without skin contact.

The Canthermometer Infrared Thermometer is an affordable and effective tool for measuring a person’s temperature from a distance. They are a very reliable option in this COVID-19 pandemic. Allows you to measure temperature from a safe distance between the person operating the thermometer and the person having their temperature taken. This is highly important for the safety of medical staff and preventing the spread of viral infections.

Since businesses are reopening, it’s important to screen your staff, contractors and visitors to avoid possible danger.  The Canthermometer Infrared Thermometer is safe and a reliable device you can trust on.

Science Behind Effective & Reliable Temperature Guns:

Infrared is a type of energy that is emitted from the surface of all objects. Infrared thermometers work by focusing energy light that is coming from an object in the form of infrared rays. A specific part of the thermometer called a thermo-pile deducts and converts the energy or thermal radiation into heat which is then measured and displayed on the screen of the thermometer. This whole process can be achieved in seconds or even a fraction of second depending on your thermometer.

Technical information:

Range: 32.0°C-42.2°C (89.6°F-108°F)
Accuracy: ±0.2°C(35.0°C-42.0°C)±0.4°F(95.0°F-107.6°F) ±0.3°C(±0.5°F) other range
Memory recall: 32 Readings
Automatic shutdown: 60 seconds
Resolution: 0.1°C
Operating Conditions: 16°C-35°C( 60.8°F to 95 °F), 15%-80%RH
Storage Conditions: 20°C-+55°C( -4°F to 131 °F) , 15% -93% RH

Please read the product manual carefully.

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