• Made of natural salt crystal from the Himalayan mountains
  • A natural, healthy mood elevator
  • Naturally purify the air
  • Reduces electromagnetic pollution in your home or office
  • Provides a beautiful, natural-feeling light source

Why Choose Airome Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The Airome Himalayan Salt Lamp emits energizing negative ions, purifying the air and improving your mood. This lamp provides a natural-feeling light source that is beautiful day or night. The negative ions emitted by the lamp are the same ions found in naturally rejuvenating sources like beaches, mountains, and waterfalls. Negative ions help neutralize positive ions emitted from devices such as phones and computers.

How Salt Lamps Work

As bulb warms salt crystals, water molecules evaporate, neutralizing the trapped positive ions. The warming bulb illuminates the crystals to create a soothing, therapeutic glow. Salt Lamps are a perfect light source in clinic settings creating a soft indirect light source for relaxation.

Amazing Benefits of the Airome Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Cleaner, more purified air
  • A natural, healthy mood elevator
  • Increases concentration
  • Assistance with the natural healing process
  • A fresh, clean smelling home
  • Reduces electromagnetic pollution in your home or office
  • Light bulb included
Approximate Size

15 x 15 x 19 cm

Available in two styles

For more information about Pink Salt, its uses and benefits we invite you to read this Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt article.

Shipping Information

Shipping Weight2.14 kg
Shipping DimensionsN/A


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