• Proven protection against bloodborne pathogens
  • Strong and durable
  • Coated with Aloe Vera to moisturize & soothe hard-working hands
  • Textured for enhanced grip & tactile sensitivity
  • Keeps hands cool and comfortable

Why Choose Aloetouch Nitrile Powder-free Exam Gloves?

The Aloetouch Nitrile Powder-free Exam Gloves offer excellent barrier protection and superb abrasion resistance. Made to provide optimal comfort, fit and feel. These gloves are ideal for use in Emergency, Healthcare, CSSD, Laundry, or any situation where extra strength and protection is necessary.

Healthcare professionals know first hand the issues of developing dry, irritated skin from frequently wearing gloves and washing their hands. The Aloetouch Nitrile Powder-free Exam Gloves combines the moisturizing benefits of Aloe Vera while providing barrier protection. The aloe coating the glove naturally helps to moisturize and hydrate your skin, keeping it soft and healthy. Additionally, this glove minimizes skin irritation and helps soothe dry, chapped hands.

Additionally, the fully textured surface gives you a sure grip on instruments and dressings. Ideal for anyone who changes gloves frequently, washes hands repeatedly or wears gloves for extended periods of time. Made from a carboxylated butadiene-acrylonitrile polymer. Free of latex allergens to ensure the safety of staff and patients. Since the gloves are powder-free the risk of powder-related complications is also minimized.

  • Tested and approved for use with chemotherapy drugs
  • Coated with Aloe Vera to moisturize and soothe hard-working hands
  • Durable protection against chemicals
  • Outstanding tactile sensitivity
  • Textured for enhanced grip
  • The Aloe Vera makes this the easiest donning powder-free latex glove in the market
  • Keeps your hands cool and comfortable
  • Proven protection against bloodborne pathogens
  • Strong and durable

Shipping Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions N/A

Small, Medium, Large, XL

No. of Boxes

1 Box (100 Gloves), 10 Boxes (1000 Gloves)


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