• Level 2 Masks
  • Protection against dust, sand or other air-borne pollutants
  • 3 Ply, form-fitting design fluid repelling
  • The inner protection filter layer
  • 4-Fold design for a comfortable fit
  • Strong polyester elastic ear loops
  • Disposable, for single use only
  • Made in Canada

Why Choose 3 ply Surgical Disposable Face Mask (ASTM L2)?

This Canadian made Level two mask is crafted with the intention of meeting national and international protection standards. The mask protects against dust, sand, and other air-borne pollutants. Its 3-ply design is form-fitting on the face. This mask repels fluid which is a great benefit. The mask is wearable, comfortable, has 4-fold design, and strong polyester ear loops.

To ensure the highest quality, everything goes through five rigorous tests. These tests are used for FDA and Health Canada submissions and comply with not only ASTM F2100 standards but many more (see links below).

Instructions on the packaging are in English and French.

About Razor Medical Inc.

Razor Medical Inc. distributes surgical masks to a variety of industries and businesses across North America including manufacturing, services, hospitals and health care facilities, retirement homes, food processing plants, chemical factories and nationwide retail chains.

ASTM F2100 Level 2 Standards (Canada/US)
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency:  ≥ 98
  • Differential Pressure: <5.0 , <49.2
  • Submicron Particulate Filtration Efficiency:  ≥98%
  • Splash Resistance: 120 mm Hg
  • Flame Speed: Class 1
  • Protects Against Dust, Sand, Air-Borne Pollutants
  • Inner Protection Filter Layer
  • Fluid Resistant
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Shipping Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions N/A
No. of Boxes

5 Boxes (250 Masks), 10 Boxes (500 Masks), 1 Box (50 Masks)


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