• Scent-free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic (does not contain known sensitizers)
  • Will not harm aquatic species

Why Choose Eco-Max Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener?

This plant-based, scent-free fabric softener will safely and effectively minimize static cling and leave your laundry feeling soft without any chemical residue. Its hypoallergenic formula does not contain known sensitizers, making it the perfect alternative for those with allergies or acute sensitivities. You may rest easy knowing that unlike traditional fabric softeners, this one was designed with the environment in mind and will not harm aquatic species.

Tips & Directions
  • Suitable for all water temperatures in high efficiency and standard washing machines – pour 1 capful into the fabric softener dispenser
  • When handwashing clothes – add half a capful to your final rinse water
  • Do not pour fabric softener directly onto fabric
  • Rinse the empty container with water and recycle
  • It’s always best to keep all cleaning products away from children’s reach

Shipping Information

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1.05 Litre, 1.05 Litre x 6, (Caseof 6 Litres)


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