• High performance and non-toxic bathroom cleaner
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Exceeds EcoLogo requirements
  • Available in 4 Litre

Why Choose Eco-Max Bathroom Cleaner?

Eco-Max Ultra Bathroom Cleaner & Odour Neutralizer has cleaning and odour neutralizing ingredients derived from natural, renewable and sustainable botanical resources. As a concentrated product, it’s highly effective. It’s biodegradable. And an inert, non-toxic surface protectant in it revitalizes surfaces and inhibits soil redeposition – making subsequent cleaning tasks faster and easier. Thus, reducing the consumption of the product and saving you money. Other features include:

  • Safe to use on bowls, countertops, grouting, shower stalls, sinks, urinals and washroom fixtures
  • Negligible indoor pollution
  • Derived from renewable and sustainable botanical resources
  • This product DOES NOT CONTAIN the following commonly used ingredients: Petroleum Solvents, D-limonene, Alcohols, Phenol Ethoxylates, Phosphates, Silicates, Nitrates, EDTA, NTA, Added Preservatives, Mineral Acids, Alkalies, Artificial Fragrances, Dyes, or
  • Optical Brighteners

Buy Eco-Max All Purpose Cleaner – available in 4 litre and a case of 4 litre

Shipping Information

Weight 3.75 kg
Dimensions N/A

4 Liter (Gallon), Case of 4 Litres, Empty Bottle


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