• Ready to Use (No Mixing or Activator Required)
  • Long Lasting (Reusable up to 28 Days)
  • Used for Non-Critical Items Across Multiple Fields
  • Multi-Level Disinfection & Sterilization
  • Cold Soaking Before Autoclaving
  • Bactericidal, Virucidal, Sporicidal and Fungicidal
  • DIN 02041227

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Why Choose BM-28 Plus Disinfectant Solution?

This lemon-scented high-level disinfectant solution is an instrument immersion disinfectant. This solution is great for disinfecting non-critical instruments. Use it to disinfect or sterilize dental instruments, and medical instruments. BM-28 Plus is also great for non-critical instruments that are used by hairstylists, spa technicians, and nail techs. This product is ready to use. It does not require mixing or an activator. BM-28 Plus is long-lasting. Once poured from the bottle it is reusable and effective for up to 28 days. 

BM-28 Plus contains an added corrosion inhibitor and comes as 4 Litres of solution. It can be used as a high-level disinfectant, or a sterilant depending on soaking times.
Bactericidal, Tuberculocidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal, Pseudomonacidal, Sporicidal. 

Suggested Contact Time:

Designed to disinfect and soak non-critical instruments and objects before autoclaving. Can also be used on non-critical instruments and objects that can not be autoclaved. Depending on requirements the general soak time is a minimum of 40 minutes to a maximum of 10 hours. Refer to the label for full directions to ensure that this product conforms to specific requirements, protocols, and procedures.

  • High-Level Disinfection: Immerse instruments in the solution for at least 40 minutes, then rinse with sterile water after removal. This method will not destroy spores. 
  • Sterilant/Cold Soaking: Immerse instruments for 7 – 10 hours in a covered vessel to avoid evaporation. Rinse thoroughly with sterile water, dry, and store.
Active Ingredients
  • 2% glutaraldehyde
Test Strips

You can use any brand of test strips to test BM-28 PLUS. No specific brand of the test strip is required for this step. Use a test strip that measures a minimum assay of 1.5% of glutaraldehyde.

SDS Sheet for BM-28 Plus Disinfectant Solution

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