Ideal for keeping hair out of the way when in clinic and wellness environments. Latex Free. One Size Fits All

  • 21 inches
  • Non- Sterile, Single Use
  • Non-Woven 10 grams fabric
  • Made of Polypropylene (PP)
  • 100pc/bag
  • 1,000pc/Case

Why Choose Expandable Disposable Bouffant Cap?

This 21-inch, blue Expandable Disposable Bouffant Cap is made of disposable polyethylene. It is ideal for keeping hair out of the way when in clinic and wellness environments. The cap is also used in manufacturing  situations, when handling machinery,  food processing, meat packing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics, and clean environments.

  • Latex Free
  • Light Blue
  • One Size Fits All
  • 21 inches
  • Non- Sterile Single Use
  • Non-Woven 10 grams
  • Made of Polypropylene (PP)
  • 100pc/bag
  • 1,000 pieces per Case

These disposable unisex caps are designed for use in in the wellness and food industry. Made from from non-toxic polypropylene with waterproof and premium breathable, non woven fabric. These blue elasticated caps offers total head cover. The protective poly caps allow excellent comfort and stability. Dust barrier effect. Lightweight, flexible and resilient. No glass fibres. Perfect fit on most head sizes.


An economical choice for head caps, covering all the basic needs. These eco-friendly caps feature affordably priced. Save your money maintaining hygiene in your workplace!


These soft, lightweight breathable poly hats have an elastic stretch band that keeps the cap in place providing you maximum comfort. These protective hair covers maintain your hairstyle during working and keep your head clean and neat. The light polypropylene fibre and high air permeability ensures comfort and provides good ventilation to the head. Extremely comfy to wear for a long time.

When to Use the Expandable Disposable Bouffant Cap

This disposable headwear is used to cover hair to prevent shedding. Perfect for avoiding unsanitary hair contamination of food. Disposable non-woven mob caps are suitable for electronic manufactures, restaurants, food processing, school, hospital, clinic  therapists, drug makers, factory, cleaning, public environments.

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Shipping Information

Weight 0.46 kg
Pack Size

Case of 1,000, Pack/100


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