Easy hand pump dispenser fits most gallon & 1/2 gallon containers

  • Dispenses 1 oz. (30ml) per pump
  • Fits BodyBest, Bon Vital and BioTone Oil Gallons
  • Fits BodyBest, Bon Vital and BioTone Lotions Gallons
  • Fits BodyBest, Bon Vital and BioTone Gels Gallons

Why Choose 1 oz Lotion Dispenser Pump for Gallons?

Body Best Gallon Pump for Massage Lotions and Oils fits a half gallon and full gallon containers (40mm diameter lid).

Massage Lotion Gallon Pump dispenses 1 fluid Ounce (30ml) with each pump.

Simply cut the lower stem to fit as required.

This Pump is a 38mm white plastic 1 fl. oz. hand pump with a 11-1/4″ dip tube for one gallon round industrial bottles and jugs. This one gallon hand pump disperses 30 ml per pump and features a stainless steel ball valve and spring as well as a polyethylene (PE) dip tube. Hand pumps are suitable for applications in the medical wellness, clinic, massage  healthcare  pharmaceutical, janitorial, and food industries.

This 1oz Lotion Pump will fit Body Best 2 Litre ( Half Gallon) and 4 Litre (Full Gallon)

Will also easily dispense for the following Biotone and Bon Vital products.

  • Oils
  • Lotions
  • Gels

Shipping Information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions N/A
Pack Size

One Pump, Six Pumps


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