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  • Supports Healthy Respiratory Function
  • Reduces Congestion Caused by Allergies or Colds
  • Unique Refreshing Scent
  • Air-Purifying Properties
  • Encourages Good Sleep
  • Cleanses Skin
  • Offers Cooling Comfort to Skin Inflammation
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Why Choose Poya Breathe Easy Synergy Blend?

Poya Breathe Easy Synergy Blend is a mixture of warm and woody Ravensara, camphorous Eucalyptus, fruity and herbaceous Laurel Leaf, fresh and cooling Peppermint, stimulating and uplifting Lemon, and sweet and spicy Cardamom.
This synergy blend promotes easy breathing by strengthening and supporting the health of the respiratory tract. A mix of warming and cooling effects work together to sedate the senses.
Poya Breathe Easy Synergy Blend invigorates, deepens, and regulates breathing by clearing congestion, making it ideal for reducing the symptoms of seasonal allergies, head colds, and sinusitis.

Ravensara and Eucalyptus work in conjunction to soothe aching muscles while facilitating the expulsion of bacterial infections and calming digestive discomforts. Lemon’s disinfectant properties further enhance the body’s detoxification process while speeding up healing and encouraging the onset of restful sleep. Cardamom cleanses the skin, while Laurel Leaf and Peppermint offer cooling comfort to decrease pain, infection, inflammation, irritation, and other minor damage.

Key Benefits
  • Supports healthy respiratory function
  • Can be used in a tonic to reduce congestion caused by allergies or colds
  • Lends a refreshing scent to formulations
  • Air-purifying properties
Key Ingredients
  • Ravensara
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon
  • Laurel Leaf
  • Peppermint
  • Cardamom
  • Only use this oil in a diluted form!
  • It is possible that this blend may cause sensitivities. This oil is not a replacement for traditional medicine.
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Poya Breathe Easy Synergy Blend
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