• Jasmine:  jasminum officinale
  • Plant Source: Flowers
  • Extraction Method: Solvent extraction
  • Aroma Type: Floral
  • Promotes feelings of overall well-being
  • Used topically to treat menstrual cramps
  • Sold as 15 ml bottle

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Why Choose Jasmine Absolute Infused Essential Oil?

Jasmine Absolute Infused Essential Oil (jasminum officinale) is a versatile oil that is used to treat numerous physical and psychological conditions. It is frequently used topically to treat menstrual cramps, PMS, and menopausal symptoms. It can be rubbed directly onto the abdomen; it does not need to be combined with a carrier oil. Although it is most effective when used undiluted, it is commonly added to massage creams and lotions to be used in conjunction with massage therapy to heal aching muscles and joints.

Jasmine has long been used to promote feelings of overall well-being.

When diffused and inhaled, Jasmine Absolute Infused Essential Oil provides effective relief from anxiety, depression, and stress. Its soothing scent calms nerves and lifts spirits, inspiring feelings of strength, vitality, and happiness.

It is also said to be a natural aphrodisiac, and its seductive and stimulating scent is often used to create a romantic mood.

Safety Information

Perform a patch test prior to using Jasmine Absolute Infused Essential Oil if you have sensitive skin or are allergy-prone, as it may cause irritation. Do not use Jasmine Absolute Infused Essential Oil during pregnancy, as it may result in miscarriage.

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